There are numerous ways of getting noticed at an event when trying to promote your brand, product or services, though how can you maximise your exposure? What methods can you employ so that you really stand out from the rest of the competition at your next event? The fact of the matter is that all of your competitors will be asking themselves the very same question so you’re going to have to go that extra mile.

Attract More Potential Spenders with Some Well-Placed Event Banners

Hopefully you have already secured a premium position to set up your expo display which is, of course, step one. Then you will have figured out all of the essentials such as making sure that your display is attractive, eye-catching and well positioned – potential customers must be able to clearly see your messaging and recognise your branding from every direction. Remember that these are the bare essentials that the majority of your competitors will be putting into play also (or at least you’d like to think so, though there always tends to be the odd couple of companies that really haven’t though it through at all).

Display StandsNow, you can make your display tent as wonderful and interactive as you like but if nobody turns up then it will all be for nothing so you have to find a way to attract guests from as far as possible which means being noticed. What better a way to draw attention to your booth than flying your colours high with some incredible and well-designed event banners?

Of course you won’t be the only person to think of this idea, which means that you’ll have to be as creative as possible when planning the design process. Begin by developing a targeting message or a promotion for your banners. Who are your customers and what is it exactly that they are looking for? You need to think of the best possible way to draw their attention which means, an offer they cannot refuse. Your product has to be instantly recognisable and presented in as attractive a light as possible. Draw them toward your banner and in turn reel them into the reach of your sales representatives. Think of it as fishing with a banner as opposed to a rod: all you need is some delicious bait.

This doesn’t mean that you should go overboard! You need to keep it simple and memorable otherwise people will lose interest. It is all very well drawing the attention of the potential customer though if the banner is cluttered with too much information then they will indeed lose interest. You must make the information as simple and unique as possible. Use unexpected images, bold headlines and contrasting colours. Perhaps try and promote some freebies? One thing is for certain, if anybody see’s the word FREE flapping in the wind they will be drawn toward it!

Display Your Achievements at Their Best

trophiesDisplay cabinets are extremely versatile and can be used for an endless number of applications. While it’s true that many of these applications are for commercial industries, eye-catching cabinets can be used to display your treasured trophies and awards.

Life achievements are important milestones that should be cherished. And what better way to exhibit your awards then in a beautiful display cabinet that attracts your guest’s attention and complements the achievements on show inside.

As well as making items more visible, display cabinets enhance the appearance of whatever is inside by using bright lights to accentuate the features and finish off the items; they also provide a layer of protection from inquisitive hands that may unintentionally cause damage.